Sony responds to Microsoft: we’ve got history, highest-caliber third-party titles, and blu-ray

Sony - Image 1The Xbox 360’s getting really big in Japan lately. Microsoft‘s Aaron Greenberg even remarked recently that third-parties are shifting “from the PlayStation brand to [the] Xbox 360.” And what does Sony have to say about that? More entertaining trash talk coming your way after the link.

Sony - Image 1After Sony‘s Yoshida gave some oddly diplomatic remarks about the Xbox 360, I was a little worried that mud slinging between Sony and Microsoft has died down. Well thank god I was wrong.

This week’s mudslinging is brought to you by Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft director of product management, and Roby Dyer, SCEA VP of publisher relations.

The exchange is a little tame compared to past trash talks, but it’s still pretty entertaining anyhow. It all started when Greenberg gave a comment in a podcast with Major Nelson regarding the Xbox 360 boom in Japan:

Never before in the eight years that I’ve been coming to TGS [have I seen] this shift, frankly, from the PlayStation brand to Xbox 360 among third-party publishers… We’re the platform they’re looking to to help bring and grow their franchises around the world.

Gamasutra recently caught Dyer for a response. Although Dyer didn’t directly address Greenberg’s statement, his statements still ring pretty clear. He says that he anticipates 350 titles across Sony platforms for the fiscal year (whoa). He adds:

PlayStation is the only company to offer the highest-caliber of third-party titles for three successful platforms in all key regions and continents around the world. This speaks volumes about our history and solid relationships with the global development community.

As Japanese publishers look to enter into new global markets, they recognize the breadth and power that PlayStation offers across our three platforms

With over five times the capacity of Xbox 360, PS3’s Blu-ray capability enables developers to take their creativity, innovation, and visual presentation to the next level, which simply isnÂ’t possible on any other platform today.

More trash talk:

Via Gamasutra

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