Sony talks about Patapon creators

Patapon creators revealed - Image 1Though it has been able to win Famitsu‘s Platinum Review award, little is still known about the latest rhythm-based game exclusive for the Playstation Portable, Patapon. To get a better perspective on the actual  producers and developers responsible for the Patapon, head to the full article after the jump.

Patapon creators revealed - Image 1A round of applause goes to Patapon for recently winning the Platinum Review award from Japanese gaming publication Famitsu. But little is still known about this game “that could” from the land of the rising sun. So here’s the skinny on Patapon provided by Sony for us to get a better grasp on who the creators and contributors to the great game are.

We all know that  was the cohesive team of artistic director ROLITO and game designer Hiroyuki Kotani which handled Patapon through much of it’s development. But the team that actually developed Patapon is called Pyramid while the producer of Patapon is publisher Japan Studios, the company also responsible for LocoRoco. Given that Patapon is a game focused on following rhythm, players may also want to give thanks to Kenmei Adachi who handled the game’s sound design.

Much kudos goes out to these able group of creative individuals as recently garnered success spells nothing but more to be gained in the coming year for Patapon.

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