Sony unveils PS3’s PlayTV to BBC

PlayTV - Image 1If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy digital media on your PS3, then PlayTV is definitely the add-on gadget for you. Featuring the ultimate in convenience – a dual tuner feature, live TV recording and rewinding – PlayTV is set to convert your Cell Processor-powered console into a full-blown media center. Check it out in action at the full article.

It seems that Sony is really pushing the concept of the PS3 not just being a device you play next-gen games in, but a complete media center. The company has just unveiled PlayTV, an add-on that lets owners watch and record digital TV onto their Cell Processor-powered consoles. And is so happens that BBC was there to give it a test run.

Looking at the video, it seems that Sony has really though the PlayTV through, with the user interface looking pretty slick and intuitive. Scrolling through the different channels and calling them up with the SIXAXIS also looks pretty easy to do, as well as accessing the videos you’ve downloaded. Definitely something to think about, if you’re looking for a PVR to match your PlayStation3.

Slated to hit store shelves this year, the sleek-looking piece of kit that hooks up to your PS3’s USB port performs everything a Personal Video Recorder can do, though now onto your beast of a next-gen console. Besides being able to watch, record and rewind live TV programming, its dual tuner also allows users to watch one channel while recording another. There’s also the deal about using the PS3’s Wi-Fi capabilities to hook up with your PSP and watch TV from your portable, which is all sorts of awesome.

Enjoy the video!


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