Sony’s customer care: PS3s getting killed by dust is an act of God

Act of God - Image 1In this article, we learn that a PS3 breaking down due to dust accumulating inside the console is God’s way of telling you to quit gaming and pray for your sins. Okay, we’re kidding. You just have to check around for good anti-dust PS3 protectors, but do read on to find out why.

PS3 - Image 1Customer service boo-boo or a case of owner’s neglect? When PS3 gamer Ive sent in his console for repairs, he was told that his warranty was voided. The reason? The dust that accumulated inside the console (and caused the breakdown of the PS3) constituted for customer abuse or – get this – an act of God.

This may be God’s way of telling gamers to stop playing and repent.

All kidding aside, the customer service representative who talked with Ive wasn’t able to explain clearly how and why dust accumulation accounted for a case of neglect or an act of God’s will, but who knows? This doesn’t mean that Sony now wants us to open our consoles from time to time to check for dust accumulation (that’ll really void the warranty).

Now’s just the time to shop around for a better place to stow your PS3 in while protecting it from dust. The old-fashioned way of covering your consoles with cloth when not in use helps, too.

Via Joystiq

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