space 0.1 – a head-to-head Sci-Fi shooter homebrew game

Sony PlayStation Portable handheld - Image 1Fans of the Sci-Fi shooter genre will definitely get a kick out this new homebrew game developed by Olimpikel. Entitled “space 0.1”, the game is essentially a head-to-head shooter which pits you against an AI-controlled opponent while piloting ships which mysteriously look like a couple of X-Wing fighters from Star Wars. In any case, you can read more about the game in our full article.

Download: space 0.1

Screenshot of Olimpiikel's space 0.1 PSP homebrew game - Image 1 Screenshot of Olimpiikel's space 0.1 PSP homebrew game - Image 2

There’s been an extensive amount of shooter games in the homebrew community“>homebrew community lately. A new addition to this selection was recently contributed by French developer Olimpikel with a PlayStation Portable homebrew game entitled “space 0.1”.

This Lua-based game essentially plays like a head-to-head shooter with a distinct Sci-Fi setting, much like the title of the game implies. The player is able to choose between two different ships which pits you against an AI-controlled opponent.There are also three difficulty settings for you to choose from, so make sure your trigger finger is up to the task.

The game is still in its early stages so there aren’t a lot of features included so far. No worries, though. The developer is already working on a new build which will includes additional content like extra vessel designs.

On a final note, the game is bundled with its own Luaplayer and should run smoothly on your handheld once copied into it. Since the game is archived without any additional directories, please make sure to create a folder for the game before installing into your /PSP/GAME directory.

Download: space 0.1

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