Speed Racer Trailer

Speed Racer Trailer - Image 1We’ve got another audiovisual treat for Sidhe Interactive‘s Speed Racer out there! We were able to grab the latest game trailer for this upcoming racing game that’s based on an 1960s anime. So if you like things fast and furious, then that’s what you’re going to get. Better buckle up! Get your adrenaline rush after the jump

The movie might just be a few days away, but we got the latest audiovisual entertainment for the Speed Racer franchise right here, right now. That’s right folks, we were able to grab the newest game trailer that features that will surely make you guys want more from the game.

The trailer is short and sweet. It can actually be mistaken for a movie trailer with the way it’s done. The deep voiceover adds a stark contrast to the bright and shiny graphics of the game. If you think things are going to old since it’s based on a animation series four decades ago, the video will make you think again.

Take a peek at the world of stunt racing with the clip below. You already know the S.O.P. Do enjoy the clip below. Keep it locked here for more updates on the game.

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