Sphere Grids and License Boards? Dissidia’s chessboard explained

PSP Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Image 1Random enemy encounters are like so last year. Dissidia: Final Fantasy‘s encounter system is different though, and it sort of takes some elements from FFX‘s Sphere Grid and FFXII‘s License Board – minus the micromanagement aspect (whew!). Dissidia employs a chessboard-type system to guide your character around the “world map” – read the full article for more info as well as a gameplay video of Garland vs. Warrior of Light.

Dissidia - Image 1

Remember a few days ago when a couple of Famitsu scans showed more of Golbez and Cecil? In that same feature, Famitsu covered the enemy encounter system for Dissidia.

Ever wondered about those screens that showed some sort of chessboard-like GUI? Yep, that’s going to be your “world map.” Of course, “world map” here is taken loosely.

Basically, that’s the system in which you move your selected character around – each “chessboard” will look different depending on which character you control. And just like in FFX‘s Sphere Grid system or FFXII‘s License Board (heh – I can already hear some of you groaning – don’t worry, Dissidia‘s grid doesn’t invlove too much micromanagement), you’ll be needing points to expend per square to move into. That’s where Destiny Points come into play.

Destiny/”Distyny” Points (or DP for short) are earned in battle. You need one DP to move one square on the board, and if ever you find yourself adjacent to an enemy square (you can preview their stats beforehand – see the first image below), you head off into battle.

PSP - Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Image 1 PSP - Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Image 2 PSP - Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Image 3

Throughout the board, there are items to collect, so it pays to plot out a course for your character before doing anything. At the other side of the board is the boss – in this case, since the character being controlled is the Warrior of Light, his corresponding boss is Garland.

Speaking of Garland, here’s another gameplay video showing the FFI baddie going against the Warrior of Light:

Square Enix‘s Dissidia: Final Fantasy for the PSP is scheduled to be released in Japan this December 18.

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