Starcraft II’s TF-620 Nomad: Construct with attitude

TF-620 Nomad - Image 1We know a lot of you out there, be you strategy fans or not, are looking forward to Blizzard‘s Starcraft II. It took us all a mighty long while to get previews of the sequel, but they’re here now and we can’t be happier. This week, Blizzard is showing off new Terran unit TF-620: A flying construction/support vehicle which also has combat capabilities. See the full version for more details regarding its abilities.

TF-620 Nomad - Image 1It’s a no-brainer that after almost a decade of waiting, strategy gaming fans and the gaming world in general are ready for a sequel to Blizzard‘s immortal 1998 offering Starcraft. That’s exactly why we’ve been monitoring the Starcraft II official website in eager anticipation of updates. This week we’re getting a preview of a new Terran unit called the TF-620 Nomad.

According to Blizzard’s latest post, we can think of the TF-620 Nomad as a bigger and meaner SCV. It’s an air-mobile unit capable of operating in extreme environments to support Terran colonies in fringe worlds. In addition to its ability to construct structures, it also has defensive endowments that will distinguish it from SCVs.

For one, the TF-620 Nomad has the ability to build semi-permanent auto-turrets capable of dealing with small to medium-sized threats. What’s more, it can also uncover cloaked enemies to assist combat units in disposing of them.

This makes this rookie to the series a valuable asset when setting up bases and trying to fend off early game assaults. Will it be the answer to rush tactics in players versus player matches? We’ll find out soon enough. Keep with us for more Starcraft II updates.

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