Starcraft Q & A Batch 34: on Striker Escorts, Infestors, Medivacs and more

The StarCraft 2 logo - Image 1“There is no knowledge that is not power,” so goes the old saying. That’s probably why Blizzard is keeping StarCraft fans regularly updated with the StarCraft 2 Q & A sessions. In this latest session, Blizzard tells us a little more about Zerg Infestors, Terran Medivacs and what not. More empowerment follows after the jump.

The Protoss Carrier gets Striker Escorts in StarCraft 2 - Image 1One of the most fun things of any RTS sequel is being able to play around with both old and new units at the same time. Fans of the Starcraft series will certainly be able to do that with StarCraft 2. Blizzard has given us a glimpse of what to expect with certain units in the game, courtesy of blue poster Karune.

For example, the Protoss Carrier has gotten a firepower upgrade in the form of Striker Escorts. Carriers may have up to four Escorts concentrating fire on a given target along with the standard issue Interceptors. Unfortunately, they cost resources and only last 45 seconds long, so players will have to make wise choices as to when to deploy them.

Regarding Zerg Infestors, Blizzard is still discussing the possibility of whether or not to give them the ability to infest fellow Zerg buildings. Corruptors, on the other hand, can infest any airborne unit, even those rendered that way by Anti-Gravity. The Zerg Roach unit is a ranged unit, though currently it can only hit ground units.

Blizzard also mentioned that Medivacs tend to heal just like the Medic unit: they can only heal one unit at a time. And in case you’re wondering why the Protoss Colossus has eschewed “sliding” thermal lances in favor of beam arrays, Blizzard has an explanation for that: it’s the company’s attempt at giving players a more interesting AoE template to micromanage.

Stay tuned for more StarCraft 2 Q & A sessions by Karune as Blizzard rolls them out!

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