Steam update: Source SDK released for Half-Life 2 PC

Steam update: Source SDK released for Half-Life 2 - Image 1Steam has just released the Source SDK for Half Life 2. This update will automatically take effect once you restart your clients. Included in this update are enhancements and bug fixes.

Also, Steam was able to present some known issues in it. Scoot on over to the full article to read more on this.

Steam update: Source SDK released for Half-Life 2 - Image 1Steam has finally released an update for Half-Life 2. Just like most of its update, these changes will be taking effect  once you guys restart you clients.

Surely, these thing will be able to make your gaming experience more enjoyable. First up, a couple of enhancement have been made to the game.

An addition of a drop-down list in the SDK launcher will let players switch between the The Orange Box engine and the Half-Life 2 engine. In addition to this, two new lighting previews are available in Hammer.

Also, Model now are automatically centered when loaded in Faceposer. Next up, they were able to fix up some of the bugs in the game. Here they are:

  • Fixed crash and corrupt configurations for users that don’t own any Orange Box games
  • Resolved issues with building models for any games that that use the Half-Life 2:Episode 1 engine
  • Fixed crashes in Hammer and Faceposer when HL 2 is set to the active game

Lastly, Steam was able to jot down the known issues that they were able to encounter. Here’s the list of it:

  • Cannot create shortcuts to Hammer, Faceposer, and Model Viewer
  • Linux makefiles for the Orange Box source code are incomplete and will be updated in the next release
  • The Particle Editor is not presently included in the Source SDK
  • SDK shader code only included with mods built to use Half-Life 2: Episode 1

Hopefully, these update can bring out the best in the game. As always, we’ll be providing you guys with the latest updates on the game.

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