Street Fighter IV devs talk about online play, exclusivity, and more

Capcom - Image 1Got yourself primed and ready for a good fight when you saw game developer Capcom‘s Street Fighter IV gameplay video? Can’t wait to see the brawling bunch tearing it up 2D-style in the seventh console generation? We’ll have to wait a bit more for that but in this video, Capcom talks about exclusivity, arcade releases, and online play on Street Fighter IV. Head to the full article to view it.

A lot of us are very excited with how game dev Capcom is moving along with the development of Street Fighter IV, and we were all thrilled to see the first actual gameplay video. Now, the developers talk about hot issues facing the upcoming release and their answers here reveal a lot.

Questions were raised about whether or not Street Fighter IV would launch in arcades first or if it would go directly to consoles. More importantly, the subjects of online play and exclusivity were delved into. Have a look:

We’re looking forward to seeing the brawling bunch who started it all tear it up 2D-style in this console generation. We’ll fill you in for updates soon.

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