Take-Two conference call: BioShock 2, Ken Levine, new Max Payne, more

Take-Two Interactive - Image 1Are you concerned with Take-Two’s move to develop the sequel to BioShock in 2K Marin instead of Boston and Australia? Are you excited about a possible sequel to Max Payne next year? Is Take-Two locked down for EA’s taking? All these were answered by the controversial publisher’s top execs as they met up with investors. All the details after the jump.

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There was a lot of encouraging stuff being tossed around as Take-Two Interactive executives had a conference call with their investors. Among the main topics discussed was what looks to be a bright fiscal 2009 for the company.

Take-Two confirmed that the development of the BioShock IP has indeed been moved from the 2K Boston and 2K Australia studios to the 2K Marin front. It was also announced that BioShock producer Ken Levine is once again spearheading the effort to bring us BioShock 2.

Company CEO Ben Feder described Levine as “a terrific asset” to the company. He made it known that BioShock 2 is Levine’s top priority at this point along with another IP that the producer is working on.

Discussed as well was the prospect of what Rockstar Games will be busy with as the development of Grand Theft Auto 4 wraps up. Chairman Strauss Zelnick confirmed that the popular studio will have its hands full with episodic content for the Xbox 360 version due out in Q4 of fiscal 2008.

Buzz about a new installment to the Max Payne franchise has been picking up as of late. However, Take-Two played it coy on this one with Zelnick responding “we will sell no wine before its time” to inquiries.

Last but not the least, the possibility of acquisition by rival Electronic Arts was touched on. Take-Two simply maintained its stand that the EA proposal of US$ 26 per share undervalues the company’s worth drastically. Zelnick says that at this price, the synergies that the acquisition will give EA would far outweigh the money that the buyer wants to pay.

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