Tales of Vesperia goes to Xbox 360, other versions still possible

Namco Bandai's Tales of Vesperia - Image 1 If you’ve been wondering which console/s will land the newest Tales title, Tales of Vesperia, here’s your answer: Xbox 360. Don’t despair though (if you prefer the other consoles), there’s still hope for other versions of the game. Click the link below for the details.

Namco Bandai's Tales of Vesperia - Image 1 

Those of you who have been waiting for news regarding the next Tales iteration, here’s an update on the current developments regarding the upcoming video game from Namco Bandai. It’s a big announcement, and it puzzled a number of people: Tales of Vesperia is coming to the Xbox 360.

Yes, the rumor’s confirmed. That bit of news came from Play Magazine, and subsequently reconfirmed by Famitsu. According to reports, Tales of Vesperia will be coming to the Xbox 360 but other versions for other consoles are still a possible. Famitsu’s conversation with Namco Bandai’s PR also revealed that everything regarding the game’s Japanese version is still tagged TBA.

Interesting, is it not? We’ll keep you posted on more news regarding Tales of Vesperia so stay tuned.

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