Team Ninja wants your ideas for achievements in Ninja Gaiden 2

Ryu Hayabusa and his wicked dual swords in Ninja Gaiden 2 - Image 1There are people who would consider it an honor if their ideas were to be included in a video game. If you’re interested in helping Team Ninja improve upon Ninja Gaiden 2 even further, you may want to send in your best ideas.

Accordingly, Team Ninja is soliciting suggestions for achievements in the upcoming sequel. Find out how you can participate by clicking the “read more” link below.

One Ninja Gaiden 2 achievement could be bisecting every enemy you meet - Image 1Few things are likely to get more responses than asking people for their bright ideas regarding a topic of interest.

In the case of Ninja Gaiden 2, Team Ninja has posed a challenge to all Ninja Gaiden fans: come up with your own creative ideas for achievements in Ninja Gaiden 2.

Team Ninja will be needing a few other things from you as well as your Ninja Gaiden 2 achievement suggestions, namely: your name, possible related artwork, gamerscore, and the description of the achievement itself.

Team Ninja has set the deadline for the submission of Ninja Gaiden 2 achievements on January 24, 2008, so if you’re interested be sure to send in your best suggestions to them by posting your comments in the blog, courtesy of the source link below.

Who knows? Team Ninja may like your ideas enough to include them in the final version of this bloody new sequel.

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