Tenchu 4 heading to Japanese Wiis in October

Tenchu 4 heading to Wiis in October - Image 1Tenchu Z was fun while it lasted on the Xbox 360, but the party’s getting started on another console. Tenchu 4 is coming, and it’s coming fast. News from Famitsu indicates that the game is coming in October, specifically for the Wii console. Learn exactly when it comes out in Japan after the jump!

Tenchu 4 heading to Wiis in October - Image 1 Tenchu 4 heading to Wiis in October - Image 2 

It’s time to get your stealth on! Recent scans from Famitu have indicated that Tenchu 4 is coming in just a couple of months. All indications point to an October 23 release, specifically for Nintendo’s Wii console.

Tenchu fans also have nothing to fear in this latest installment of the series. It appears the two companies responsible for making the Tenchu games, Acquire and From Software, are working together on this one, so it should be an exciting to see stealth-action game plays out this time.

In any event, there’s no word of an American or European release yet, but if it turns out well in Japan, there’s a good chance that we’ll be seeing this one soon enough. Ninja killing with waggle? Yes please.

Via cng4u.com

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