thatgamecompany’s 24hr Game Jam presents Gravediggers

thatgamecompany - Image 1Make a PS3 game in 24 hours. That’s what flOw developer thatgamecompany sets out to do with their 24hr Game Jam, a game-making session that lasted from 10 AM Saturday until 10 AM Sunday. The company has been given the chance to talk about the first oriduct of the 24hr Game Jam, Gravedigger. Learn more about it in the full article.

Here’s a rather novel approach to making a video game: make a PS3 game in only 24 hours. That’s what flOw developer thatgamecompany sets out to do with their 24hr Game Jam. In a post on the PlayStation blog, thatgamecompany’s Kellee Santiago introduces the first product of the 24hr Game Jam, Gravediggers.

The premise of the game revolves around gun-toting gravediggers that collect zombie heads. The collected zombie heads are then deposited into a crypt. Whoever deposits fifty heads first wins. Other players can also be beheaded in a hail of gunfire, and the heads of fallen players are worth more than the usual zombie head.

Players who lose their heads will have to wander around as zombies. As a zombie, you can still go after other players, but you can’t collect points until you manage to find your head. If your head’s been deposited in a crypt, it’ll pop up again randomly somewhere else on the level.

Sounds like a great multiplayer funfest, yeah? Sadly, there are a few hurdles that bar the release of this and other upcoming 24hr Game Jams on the PS3, not least of which is the time and money spent at making sure that it won’t crash customers’ PS3. A few people have asked thatgamecompany to include it as an add-on to Flower, though.

At any rate, thatgamecompany has released a gameplay video of Gravediggers so that gamers can check it out even if its chances of actually getting on the PS3 are slim. Oh, and see if you can identify some of the audio clips used in the game. Check it out below.

From Crackle: thatgamecompany Game Jam 0: Gravediggers

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