The DS Weekend Warrior: of good news and console brickage

Weekend Warrior for the DS - Image 1Finally, some love for Nintendo DS fans: compared to last week, the domain of all things Ninty (at least, the smaller Ninty device) is now getting some action in the form of exciting game release announcements, like Chrono Trigger for the DS (yay!) and some possibility of brickage for R4 users (nay!). Get the full skinny of what you might have missed this week in the full article.

Weekend Warrior DS  - Image 1 

Compared to the rather subdued activity that we got from last week, the Nintendo DS has just recently received its share of stirring news, and some of them are fantastically good (emphasis on fan, as in fanservice care of Chrono Trigger for the DS), with others potentially alarming, like the news of R4 potentially bricking Nintendo DS units…but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. On to this week’s Weekend Warrior!

A visit from well-loved franchises

Tales of Hearts Namco Bandai - Image 1It was already reported some time ago that the Nintendo DS will definitely get some Nippon Ichi love in the form of Disgaea: Prince of the Demon World and the Red Moon, and just recently NIS America had given fans of the Disgaea franchise a concrete date on when to expect the much-awaited localization release of the game: September 23. Sure, it may be a few months away, but it’s definitely coming, nonetheless.

Another well-loved title that’s going to say “Hi” to old fans – and quite possibly gain new members to its own cult following as well – is Chrono Trigger DS. Yes, the same Chrono Trigger that everyone was raving about back in the late ’90s. The ruckus among fans started when a scan of a Famitsu page “revealing” a Chrono Trigger title for the DS showed up in the Internet, and was confirmed to be true by the teaser site that Square Enix put up for the game.

Shortly after that Squeenix finally gave a formal announcement concerning the DS port of the game, that will come with a bit of extras on the side. Yes, it’s been a good week for some RPG and SRPG fans.

Yet another franchise that’s going to revisit Ninty’s best-selling handheld is none other than Tales of Hearts, but it’s understandable if fans of the Tales series have mixed reactions towards this news: so far, none of the Tales games for the DS have made it beyond Japanese shores. Where’s our Tales of Innocence, Namco Bandai? Ah, our aching heart…

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Warning: console brick alert?

R4 Revolution for DS - Image 1Stirring us awake from all the good news is the alarming statement that the R4 team posted recently in a Chinese-language forum. If Google Translate managed to correctly transliterate the gist of their message, it seems that the R4 team is planning to do something drastic in order to protect their technology from manufacturers of R4 clones.

All’s well and good, until you get a clue about what they’re planning to do: apparently, the R4 team has issued a warning that a future R4 firmware may brick Nintendo DS units that use R4 clones. Of course, there’s a big chance that the actual message might have been lost in translation, but either way it still goes down to endangering R4 user’s handhelds.

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Yes, it’s just another short revisit on the most important things that happened so far in the DS side of things, but they’re no less significant. Here’s to hoping that we’re going to see more developments, especially concerning R4 and the potential brickage of units.

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