The Good Bookr v1.0

The Good Bookr icon - Image 1Ever wanted to read the Bible on your Sony PlayStation Portable? One of those homebrew applications that let you do that has been released by homebrew developer phosphorous. The Good Bookr is based on the Bookr e-book reader, which is a standalone program that uses SQLite to get the Bible text you want.

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Download: The Good Bookr v1.0

The Good Bookr - Image 1Sony PlayStation Portable homebrew developer phosphorous just released his own Bible reader for the Sony handheld. The Good Bookr is a homebrew application for the Sony PSP based on the Bookr e-book reader, which should be convenient to those who want their Bibles on the portable gaming device.

The Good Bookr version 1.0 comes with these features:

  • Load a specific book, from Genesis to Revelation.
  • Search full text or individual books.
  • Bookmark individual chapters and verses.
  • Navigate via book and chapter.
  • Configurable controls.
  • Select font face and font size.
  • Customize font and background colors.
  • Rotate the text to read vertically.

Developer phosphorous noted that The Good Bookr is a standalone program, unlike other Bible apps that simply use images or web pages. It has been proven to run on CFW 3.52 M33-4 and CFW 1.50. To make sure it works without any problems, just don’t forget to read the Readme file for instructions and reminders.

Download: The Good Bookr v1.0

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