The PSN portable ID – stay connected more so than usual

PlayStation 3 - Image 1There’s something new to try over at the PlayStation Network these days. It’s called the PSN Portable ID and it’s designed to identify you on whichever site you go. Your avatar and other details will be on display to friends so your clique can keep in close touch every time you’re online. More details in the full article.

PSN logo - Image 1 

Want a way to display that PlayStation Network ID that you’re so proud of on various websites? Now there’s a way! All you need is a PlayStation Underground account and a PSN ID to get even more connected and immersed than ever.

If you already have both, then you’re good to go out and enjoy the full range of features including avatar displays, the “About Me” display and Online ID. To display this info on whichever site you’re in, an HTML will be given to you.

The PSN Portable ID will also display to people in your friend list what your status is and what you’re playing. The friends list, by the way, will now be viewable via the PSU. Pretty neat, eh? If you want more details on how to join, follow the source link below.

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