The Sims 3 info coming March 19

The Sims 3 teaser site - Image 1Excited to hear next-gen Simlish talk? That may not be a farfetched dream, since Electronic Arts will soon reveal more information pertaining to the wildly anticipated The Sims 3. A teaser site is now up and the countdown begins. Find out what the fuzz is all about by checking out the full article!

The Sims 3 teaser - Image 1The next generation of the undying and uncontested life simulation franchise, The Sims, may come sooner than we expect. Electronic Arts now has a teaser site up for The Sims 3 which promises that more information will be made public this March 19.

Since it was confirmed back in 2006 that The Sims 3 will be arriving, EA kept details under tight wraps. The Sims franchise created by Maxis spawned numerous spin-offs in the hands of the giant publisher, and it was revealed at the Game Developers Conference 2008 that sold copies of Will Wright‘s creation are near the 100 million milestone.

It won’t be surprising if EA decides to celebrate The Sims‘ success this year by launching The Sims 3. With that said, we’ll be keeping tabs on the excitement surrounding The Sims 3 and keep you posted, so watch this pace!

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