This is Vegas: Midway’s new open world lifestyle action game

Midway Games logo - Image 1Midway Games is gearing up for the release of another game set in the wild and decadent backdrop of Las Vegas. This is Vegas for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 is an open environment, lifestyle action game that allows players to fight, game, drive, and gamble as their build their own empire in the heart of Sin City. You can take a look at the details as well as some screenshots from the game in the full article.

Screenshot of Midway Games' This is Vegas - Image 1

Not to be confused with Sparta, Midway Games is set to release its next open world, lifestyle action game with This is Vegas. The new title’s theme plays on the concept of letting players loose on the proverbial Sin City, where they can fight, gamble, drive and party their way through the fast-paced lifestyle within the wild city of Las Vegas.

You basically play the role of a businessman as you set up your own decadent empire in the heart of Las Vegas. How you want to set up your VIP connections is up to you. You can play the tables in a game of high stakes gambling or you can race cars in an underground circuit. Either way, it’s your mission to put the sin back in Sin City.

Alan Patmore, studio head of the game’s developer Surreal, had this to say regarding the game:

We are thrilled to be unveiling the first-ever videogame experience which allows players to live out their wildest Vegas fantasies. Whether it’s partying in the hottest night clubs, racing in underground circuits, testing your luck at the tables or getting into a barroom brawl, This is Vegas has it all.

This is Vegas is expected to be released this Winter and will be available on the PC, Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3. You can also take a look at some of the initial screenshots taken from the game below.

Screenshot of Midway Games' This is Vegas - Image 1 Screenshot of Midway Games' This is Vegas - Image 2 Screenshot of Midway Games' This is Vegas - Image 3 Screenshot of Midway Games' This is Vegas - Image 4

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