Three to tango: new batch of Final Fantasy XIII screens show more of Team Nora

FF13 - Rebro - Image 1Rebro is the new Pig-tailed Girl. (Well, it depends, whether you go for hot or cute…) But at least we now have a girl who distinctly looks like a girl. A hot girl at that. For all you guys wanting to see more of Team Nora’s three key members, we got a “new” (caveat in full article) batch of Final Fantasy XIII screens today, straight from Famitsu.

Final Fantasy XIII - Image 1

New screenshots for Final Fantasy XIII! Well, not entirely new, actually – they look like they were taken from the latest trailer. They’re high-quality though, so how could we pass up on them? Besides, we hardly have anything on the three members of the Team Nora, so here we go!

From a previous post, we hear that three key members of the rebel group are Gabo/Gadou (the guy who looks like Wakka), Markie/Marquis (the guy who looks like some engineer), and Lebro/Rebro (the girl who actually looks like a girl – and a hot girl at that). There’s obviously more who are working with the rebellion, but these three seem to be quite prominent in the story.

Final Fantasy XIII - Image 1 Final Fantasy XIII - Image 2 Final Fantasy XIII - Image 3
Final Fantasy XIII - Image 4 Final Fantasy XIII - Image 5 Final Fantasy XIII - Image 6
Final Fantasy XIII - Image 7

Square Enix‘s Final Fantasy XIII is scheduled to be released in Japan later this year as a PS3-exclusive, with a western release for the PS3 and Xbox 360 on 2010.

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Via Famitsu

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