Trackmania Nations Forever to be available as free download on April 16

Trackmania Nations Forever downloadable on April 16 for free - Image 1Nadeo‘s got good news for fans of the Trackmania series of games. The sequel to the game, called Trackmania Nations Forever will be free for people to download come April 16. Learn more about what Trackmania Nations Forever has to offer in the full article.

Trackmania Nations Forever comes out on April 16 - Image 1 

Nadeo certainly has some good news in store for the fans of the Trackmania series. Over on their website, they’ve announced that the sequel to Trackmania Nations, titled Trackmania Nations Forever will be free to download beginning April 16.

Trackmania Nations Forever offers some delightful new additions. For one thing, there’s now a “Forever” version of the Stadium environment for people to try out. Also, there’s a strong single-player component to the game, as well as 65 new tracks for people to try out, so that’s definitely a lot of free content to drive through.

Notes Florent Castelnerac, Director of Nadeo,

The PC is the premier gaming platform when it comes to the number of casual and expert players. To satisfy this wide range of players, we designed the game for everyone instead of trying to focus on the average gamer.

With 65 tracks, a good single-player component, and an impressive history behind it, Trackmania Nations Forever looks to be something every racing fan should check out.

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