TrackMania Nations Forever v2.11.13 patch now available

TrackMania Nations Forever - Image 1Not only are you playing your heart’s content off a freely distributed game, but you’re also getting the support you didn’t ask for – or rather, the support you were going to ask for anyways. Nadeo, together with Focus Home Interactive, have released an update to freely available TrackMania Nations Forever, which corrects a few hiccups you might have experienced in your extended play sessions. The patch log follows at the full story.

TrackMania Nations Forever v2.11.13 patch now available - Image 1 

Active and hot on various download streams in the Internet today is the TrackMania Nations Forever patch that Nadeo and Focus Home Interactive made available recently. The miniscule patch, dubbed revision 2.11.13, solves a slew of minor issues in stalling and CTDs, while updating the game’s various interfaces and features for a less awkward moment.

The readme states:

  • Many crash fixes
  • Fixed spectator mode keyboard shortcuts (in follow mode, use 1-3 to switch camera, and Ctrl+0-9 to switch players)
  • Validation in laps mode (to have a fully [debugged] laps mode, you need to have both the game and the server updated to the latest version)
  • Manialink browser small fixes (proxy settings now used for all http requests, the videos and sounds are displayed sooner, …)
  • Translations files updated to the latest version

If you’ve availed of TrackMania Nations Forever via Steam, the update should stream in automatically once you’ve loaded up the client. Easy-peasy. Really.

For those who’ve added on the Forever enabler with their retail version of TrackMania Nations (or joined the racing bandwagon real late and just downloaded TrackMania Nations Forever), pick your favorite download portal in the Internet. Chances are, it’s already sizzling there.

I’ve linked to a copy hovering over at Gamers’ Hell at the source link below. Happy racing!

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