Trailblaze v11a

Trailblaze v11a by dangee for the PSP - Image 1We saw Sony PlayStation Portable homebrew developer dangee’s application, Trailblaze, a few days ago. Well, we’ve got a new build for you and it has a number of additions included. Check out the download below or check out the full article for more info.

Download: Trailblaze v11a

Trailblaze v11a by dangee - antigen and shine - Image 1Sony PlayStation Portable homebrew developer dangee has just released a new build for the PSP application Trailblaze and it’s now on version 11a.

In case you missed the first release, Trailblaze is an application that allows users to manipulate images to create cool looking effects. We’re sure that once you’ve tried your hand at Trailblaze’s techniques, you’ll be able to create personalized wallpapers and then some. Anyway, here are the changes from dangee’s release thread:

  • 3d Sprite engine has an API in SysMode
  • Default BootScript source included
  • A 2-state alpha revi.png autogenerates on boot #2

According to a note, a beta-dev was able to create “spheroid infinity loop” on version 11a. Check out download and tell us what you think. Enjoy!

Download: Trailblaze v11a

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