Tuna-viDS version 1.1 – now with MP3 stereo support

Nintendo DS - Image 1If you’re tired of having to go through the cumbersome process of having to convert each and every video file that you wish to play on your Nintendo DS, then you may want to check out homebrew developer chishm’s Tuna-viDS (previous version here). As an app that plays the more common AVI video formats, chances are that many of your video files can be played back without having to re-encode them. Check out the changelog in the full article.

Download: Tuna-viDS v1.1

Nintendo DS - Image 1If you’re not too keen on watching videos on the Nintendo DS using current homebrewed solutions – such as the Moonshell, DSVideo or even the commercially available DSvideo – then you may want to consider Chishm’s Tuna-viDS as an alternative.

Basically, the Tuna-viDS enables playback of videos encoded in AVI format with Xvid video and MP3 encoded audio.

Granted, being able to play videos encoded in the most common formats will certainly make lives easier for those who would want to watch anime and other films using the Ninty handheld. Here’s the changelog notes for the latest version, v1.1 (notes on previous version here):

New release, with contributions from Robin Watts (building on work from Sophie Wilson & Paul Gardiner), Costas, and ecurtz (building on work from Thoduv).

This release has stereo MP3 support, faster colour space conversion, and actually allows vertical heights less than 192 rows.

Important installation procedures as well as notes on file formats are in the documentation included in the download. As always, do go over them to ensure optimal playback of your videos.

Download: Tuna-viDS v1.1

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