Ubisoft announces Shaun White Snowboarding on the Go for DS, PSP

Shaun White game - Image 1There’s a new sport coming to both the DS and the PSP, and it features no less than an 8-time Champion in his field. It’s Ubisoft‘s Shaun White Snowboarding on the Go and we’ve got the full details on this fresh, up and coming game.

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Ubisoft has just released a press wire announcing a new sports title for your handhelds, Shaun White Snowboarding on the Go. It’s coming out in under a month, too, with a November 13, 2008 street date for both the DS and the PSP.

So what is this game all about? If you’re into snowboarding, the name Shaun White will most probably ring a bell — a lot of bells. Who is he? Oh, he’s only the Olympic Gold Medalist and eight-time X Games Gold Medalist. No biggie.

While we’re sure you can’t top that just yet, maybe this game can provide for you some pseudo-training with the snowboarding champ himself, cos this was developed in close collab with him. The game’s been built from the ground up for each platforms, so you can expect that both will have their own exclusive content and unique features. And as personalizing stuff are all the rage today, you can also customize your own rides, as well as challenge your friends via the wireless multiplayer.

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Here’s a quick look at the features of Shaun White Snowboarding on the Go straight from the press release:


  • Carve your path through huge mountain environments – Create your own runs to suit your personal riding style, and choose your path down four open mountains. Each path offers its own risks, rewards and opportunities. Big airs, dangerous carves, thrilling speed runs and huge challenges await!
  • Intuitive Stylus Controls – Be in complete control of your rider using intuitive motion–based controls on the Touch Screen. Simply flick the stylus to jump, draw a circle to spin, or slide it across to control your carves. Experiment with a ton of different combinations and get into the game like never before!
  • Wireless Multiplayer for four – Get your friends together for a snowboarding session using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Up to four players can get in on the action at once – compete in races, point competitions, king of the hill and more.
  • Customize your rider and your gear – You can choose a rider to suit your own personal style and complete challenges to unlock decals. These decals will not only be a way for you to customize your gear and show your accomplishments to the world, but will also help you customize your riding style by granting you new abilities. See a particularly cool sticker on a friendÂ’s board? Trade stickers with your friends over a local wireless connection!


  • Huge outdoor world – With five mountains and a variety of slopes, the player will have plenty of room to ride in this outdoor playground.
  • Single and Multiplayer modes – Embark on a solo campaign and explore the wildest mountains of the world, or select and replay specific slope challenges. Innovative multiplayer featuring co-op and competitive modes creates a richer and deeper overall experience.
  • Intuitive controls – Experience a totally intuitive controls scheme, where all tricks and actions are available right from the beginning.
  • Unique Scoring system -Speed, trick, slide and carve your way to victory. Points are allotted based on these four actions rather than simply tricking – link these together to increase your skill rewards.
  • Skill development – Earn experience points and build up your riderÂ’s attributes to serve your riding style. Use your board and rider to work in unison to conquer the mountain.

For more information, you can check out the game’s official website which we’ve linked below in the Via link.

Via Shaun White Game official site

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