Ubisoft delays Haze, puts Prince of Persia in 2008 line-up

Ubisoft - Image 1Plenty of interesting snippets were packed into Ubisoft‘s recently released fiscal year 2007 Q3 report, including the promise of a Prince of Persia game in 2008 and another delay of Haze‘s release. Another noteworthy mention is the upcoming Shaun White snowboarding game. For more details, head over to the full article.

Haze by Free Radical - Image 1Ubisoft‘s third quarter report for fiscal year 2007 revealed not only the game industry giant’s successful climb to the third spot of leading third-party publishers, but also confirmed the existence of the next Prince of Persia title and a Shaun White snowboarding game. On the bad news side of things, Haze by developer Free Radical won’t be coming until fiscal year 2008.

Some of us already heard of the upcoming Prince of Persia title when it was in the list of games in development that was leaked back in 2006. It is said to be a direct fourth instalment in the series subtitled Ghost in the Past, a prequel which screenshots of what’s supposed to be its early build have been passed around.

Another title in Ubisoft’s 2008-2009 line-up that haven’t been officially announced is the snowboarding game with the popular Shaun White’s name on it. This also appeared in the leaked list, though details are nowhere to be found.

Here comes the sad part: the release of the much anticipated first-person shooter from the makers of TimeSplitters has been pushed back yet again. Haze for the PlayStation 3 was originally scheduled to launch late 2007, then delayed to Q1 2008 or fiscal Q4 2007. However, according to Ubisoft’s report, we won’t see the Nectar-induced title on shelves before fiscal year 2008 which begins this April.

Fortunately, we can still expect promising titles such as Tom Clancy’s EndWar and an air combat Tom Clancy game. Splinter Cell was also mentioned, but Ubisoft didn’t specify if it’s Conviction that we’re going to get. Our eyes are peeled for any solid release dates, so watch this space for updates!

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