Ubisoft: no I Am Alive at Leipzig

I Am Alive - Image 1A lot of games will be heading to Leipzig later this month for the 2008 Games Convention, but sadly, Ubisoft‘s upcoming title I Am Alive will not be one of them. More in the full article.

I Am Alive - Image 1

Ubisoft has just revealed that their upcoming survival game, I Am Alive, will not be gracing the Games Convention, which is scheduled for later this month.

Talking to CVG, an Ubisoft rep said that there’s no big reason for the no-show, which probably means that Ubisoft just wants to show off a build that’s further along into development. I’m hoping for an appearance at the Tokyo Game Show, though, seeing as TGS has been moved to October.

What we know about the game so far doesn’t amount to much. It tells the story of Adam, a survivor of a major-scale disaster that levels Chicago. The game will reportedly focus on character interaction and puzzle solving, with players making major life-changing decisions.

I Am Alive is currently being developed for PlayStation 3, PC, and Xbox 360.

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