UK newspaper offers cash for anti-games story

UK newspaper offers cash for anti-games story - Image 1It’s seems that playing violent video games might be beneficial. How? Well, apparently, a UK newspaper has just posted an ad, calling people to write stories on how computer games have affected their lives. The reward for successful hopefuls is cold hard cash. Find out the details in the full article.

UK newspaper offers cash for anti-games story - Image 1It seems that people in UK have a big thing for violent video games, from laws to studies and now to contests. That’s right kiddies, an event has been posted by a UK newspaper offering money for stories on violent games.

Boys and girls, it’s definitely time to put your thinking caps on. StarNow has just announced that they are looking for stories and will be paying in cold hard cash… well, in pounds at least.

On their website, they posted: “Write a few lines about how computer games turned you to crime and if it’s something we like, we’ll call you straight back.” Read that line carefully. Computer games. crime. It’s a little peculiar but we’re sure, it caught the attention of some of you. Hey, all you have to do is write (and write good) and you’ll be rewarded aptly.

As for the participant, you just have to make sure you’re not over 60 years old. Other than that, you’re eligible to participate in it. Now, if you’re determined to partake in it, feel free to visit the link below. We’ll keep you guys posted for more updates.

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