UK PS Home offline sched tomorrow for new Shopping Centre items

PS Home - Image 1UK servers for PS Home will be getting some tweaks tomorrow morning, which means there will be a downtime for an unspecified amount of time. We picked up this news from the PlayStation EU forums, so do check out what Ted the community manager said about it at the full article.

PS Home - Image 1Looks like there are more treats coming your way to the PS Home Shopping Centre tomorrow. TedTheDog, PlayStation EU’s community manager, has posted a notice on the blog saying that PlayStation Home will be offline tomorrow morning to make way for some changes to be made on the server side.

Here’s his full post:

Home will be offline from 7am UK tomorrow for a few hours whilst some further changes are made to the server side. Once it comes back up we will also be putting some items into the Shopping Centre to help test the mechanics there. Again, our long term beta volunteers will be reporting and logging any problems and we will be publishing a list of all known issues shortly.

He didn’t say for how long the downtime will be, but take it as an opportunity to breathe in some fresh air and bask in the sunlight for a moment. Or go mingle with real people.

Via PlayStation EU forums

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