Uncharted Room in Home beta now open

Are you lost in Home? - Image 1There’s a new place for you to go to in Sony‘s PlayStation Home beta, and it’s the Uncharted room. Yep, more neighbors are now springing up, making things a tad more excitable at Home. Drop by our full article for the details.

Maybe Drake can help. - Image 1Got nothing to do in Home beta? Why don’t you check out the new Uncharted room? It’s just been opened and it’s now welcoming visitors.

What’s interesting about this room is that you still have to get your game on cos it’s got surprises for you in true Drake’s Fortune fashion. There are doors that, apparently, you’ll have to unlock with certain codes. These doors will then lead you to secret rooms and items, so you better get that code right.

Now that Sony‘s started opening up rooms in the Home beta, it’s definitely starting to shape up as the cool hang out place that it was meant to be.

Via Sony PS3 News

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