V Rising: How’s what to expect when you enter Dracula’s freezing area of Mortium

Coming to PlayStation 5 later this month, V Rising is a survival game with motion RPG parts and razor-sharp skill-based battle. After centuries of drudgery, your relatives have been forgotten after the Church of Luminance suffered a fatal defeat. In your quest to regain your former glory, emerge from your tomb, explore a large open world, look for blood, and construct a sprawling castle. But what splendor is there to recapture? What is the Vampire promised?
Earlier this year when we announced V- Rising was coming to PS5, we provided a picture into its story, play mechanics, and wide opened world. Now, we want to focus on one part of the world, the risks that await within, and, of course, the Vampire King plotting his profit from the center of its gloomy lands: Dracula.

In the world of V Rising, Dracula ruled from his king in Mortium, a darkened region of the monster empire, unaffected by the sun. From that, he waged a great battle and brought mankind to the brink of extinction. The Immortal King himself was the subject of humanity’s determined requests when a divine power suddenly appeared for the first time, allowing them to fight not merely Dracula’s Regiment of Noctum but also Dracula’s Regiment of Noctum.
But for Dracula, fight was not suicide.
The nocturnal king has spent the years since living in a weak position in the Shadow Realm, strengthening himself, and making plans to return. That time has come. Dracula has issued a call to arms, rousing incalculable armies of demons from their centuries-long sleep. However, not all who rouse are willing to serve. Some people are more optimistic than others, and they instead seek a higher clout. In V Rising, you are one for Vampire.
The Vampire emperor’s primary lies in Mortium, a warm and stately snowscape reportedly untouched by sunlight. This was once the center of the strong Vampire society, ruled by the famous Dracula. But then, after years have passed, the magnificent spires and castles of the Army of Noctum lay in remains, abandoned and forgotten.
In the deep of Mortium, living provokes over, inhabited by servants and zealous cultists devoted to Dracula, along with new dangers. The lord of the night, who has survived without restrictions, has flourished in the Shadow Realm, and his imminent return has brought forth creatures from other worlds. Behold the Draculin, creatures from the Shadow Realm that appear to be tainted by Dracula’s blood- soaked influence.
When consumed, these creatures from another world gain unique benefits from drinking it, making it possible to use it. You’ll be able to move more quickly at night, heal more quickly, and have a number of benefits that will help you get kills more quickly and frequently depending on the blood type.
You’ll also face the Vampire Generals of the Legion of Noctum, some of Dracula’s oldest and most fervent followers. Overcoming them will give you access to ancient abilities that are directly related to your Vampire lineage, as well as secrets that will help you strengthen your connection to deeper Vampire magic.
The final obstacle to your Vampire adventure will be to find yourself in Mortium’s deepest depths, where Dracula’s forces are gathered at the foot of his castle. It was once great and powerful, and it is a testament to both the dominance he sought to regain with his return and what the great king of vampires once achieved.
The Legion of Noctum is busy performing dark rituals in Mortium to enthrone the world with Dracula from the Shadow Realm in order to gather blood, which will help fuel the magical engine that will bring Dracula’s complete reign. You will have the power to go up and sever the magic that has been left behind in the wake of these invasions, breaking their dark rifts, and collecting the essence of magic that has been left behind.
You’ll be able to use these resources to unlock potent Vampire abilities, create and equip powerful weapons, and eventually even create the key needed to attack the Immortal King’s entire operation. You’ll have everything you need to smuggle into the Shadow Realm and confront Dracula on your own after draining the blood of Dracula’s most powerful and close servants.
This final battle will put your limits on your abilities on hold and require you to demonstrate that you are truly deserving of the title of Vardoran’s apex predator.
Embrace your darkest desires in V Rising, whether you venture alone or alongside companions. With the DualSense controller, you can feel the heartbeat of your prey as it drains the life out of it. As you use magic to wreak havoc on your foes, feel the power vibrate in your palm, and feel the explosive impact of powerful beasts colliding with you as you unleash magic.
The hunt is on in 2024 on the PlayStation 5 with V Rising. 

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