Valkyria Chronicles character profile: enter Isara Gunther

Isara Gunther from Valkyria Chronicles - Image 1While promising Japanese RPGs such as Star Ocean 4 and The Last Remnant are still under tight wraps, Sega‘s Valkyria Chronicles is coming in hard to bare it all as its impending release on the Sony PlayStation 3 is right around corner. With that, we’re glad to say there’s another character profile from the game, this time featuring the timid Isara Gunther. Find her teaser at the full article.

A lot of us are hungry for Japanese role-playing games on the Sony PlayStation 3 since they don’t come in healthy amounts, so we thought it’d be best to share the latest character profile for Valkyria Chronicles. Notwithstanding its short length, the latest video of Sega‘s current-gen strategy RPG offering is full of charm.

Charm is the keyword here, because the featured character Isara Gunther is sure to tickle your bone for cute girls. She may strike you as a happy member of the young sister archetype, but it appears that she can stand on her own. Unfortunately, just like previous teasers we’ve seen, the one below is in Japanese. We can at least tell that she loves her unit, which consists of Alicia, Rosie, and her older brother Welkin.

Valkyria Chronicles is scheduled for release this April 24 in Japan as Senjou no Valkyrie: Gallian Chronicles. Fret not, however, because Sega’s BliTZ-powered title is looking at a western release later this year. For now, meet Isara Gunther.

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