Video: Beats PSP trailer

Beats PSP trailer - Image 1Wondering how Beats will look, but don’t have ready access to a USB port? We’ve managed to pick up a youtube upload of the game’s U.S .trailer (already available in Europe), which should give you ideas on how it’ll play. The game’s already been rated E by the ESRB, which means we could be looking at a release soon. The video awaits in the full article.

About a couple of hours ago, we sent out word that the PC version for Sony’s PlayStation Network went live. Along with this update, we also reported that Europe’s PSP owners could now enjoy SCEE‘s Beats as a downloadable. Now, if you happen to be an American, the best you can hold out for is a trailer of Beats‘ upcoming release to your territory.

For the guys wondering how Beats looks – and don’t have 5 MB to spare in their handheld’s memstick – we’ve managed to pick up a youtube version of the trailer (originally uploaded by Joystiq) for your viewing pleasure. And if we’re to state, it actually looks promising – bright psychedelic colors and a fast beat accompanied by plenty of customizable modes. Enjoy the video.

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