Video: The PlayStation 3’s (cooling) fan test

Video: The PlayStation 3's (cooling) fan test - Image 1There’s a video out circulation that apparently shows viewers how to access a fan test function built into more recent version of the Sony PlayStation 3. We thank readers ct-boy and X=BlueRaven for letting us know of this video, which you can view over in the full article.

Thanks to readers ct-boy and X=BlueRaven, we’ve found a new snippet for those who’d love to clean their PlayStation 3’s insides without ever having to take it apart (hence voiding the warranty). There’s a video in circulation that demonstrates how to access a fan test function that’s apparently found in the console’s more recent models.

According to the clip, the function can be activated by powering off your console, and holding the eject button when you power it back on. You’ll know that test has kicked in when the PS3 emits an uncharacteristically loud whirring noise, like a car revving up its engine. This test also has the added benefit of blowing out any dust that may have accumulated in the unit, ensuring that it won’t overheat.

We’re not sure if this was Sony‘s original intent, but it certainly eases up on maintenance. The bad news is that this fan test only appears to work on 40 GB units – users with different models report that the test didn’t work for them even after running the proper steps. The video is available for viewing below, in case you’re interested on trying the test on your console. Happy viewing!

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