Video: Windows Vista emulated on PlayStation 3

Video: Windows Vista emulated on PlayStation 3 - Image 1Developer mopx0 recently released a video demonstrating Windows Vista being emulated on the PlayStation 3 console. Details on how the developer managed to load Microsoft‘s latest OS on the Sony console are available in the full article.

Developer mopx0 managed to emulate Microsoft‘s Windows Vista OS on the Sony PlayStation 3, and has uploaded a video to show this attempt in action. Booting up on the PS3 took Vista around 25 minutes.

Based on what we’ve picked up from the author’s comments, this attempt was pulled off by first installing Vista on a PC using Qemu 0.9.1 and Bochs Bios 1.171, with Qemu creating an .IMG file of Vista after installation. mopx0 used Vlite to speed up the installation, though it still took a day to complete.

The dev also installed Qemu and Bochs Bios on the PS3’s Linux partition, before the Vista .IMG from the pc was transferred over to the console’s HDD. From there, he used the command line qemu -hda vista.img -m 256 -L “Location to Rev 1.171, Drag n Drop” -cpu pentium3 to run Vista off the Qemu emulator.

Bochs Bios was used to fool Vista into thinking it was loaded on a machine using an X86 chipset. As we’ve said, this emulation attempt is still pretty slow, so it’s basically a proof-of-concept for the moment. The video is available for viewing below.

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