Violent video games make you aggressive

Bad gamer, bad! - Image 1In a recently published study conducted in the US and Japan, violent video games were found to increase aggression. That’s right, all that time playing God of War may explain why you thrash and grunt every 5 seconds. Research and findings in the full article.

Violent games and aggression - Image 1GTA anyone? According to a study conducted in the United States and Japan, violent games make you aggressive. If you’ve been itching to pound your roomies for squeezing the toothpaste the wrong way, the you should probably lay off Gears of War.

The study used three samples of students with varying age ranges: 9-12 years; 12- 15; and 13-18. All groups have mixed genders. It was found that those who played violent video games showed signs of increased aggression while the others remained in control. It was even found that the results of the study were consistent between different cultures.

So if you’re sitting there disagreeing with everything that the study says and swearing you’ll square off to prove who’s right, then you might want to read up it again. Who knows? Maybe skipping those excess hours of blood and gore may actually help your social life.

The full report of the study is published on the November 5, 2008 issue of Pediatrics Journal. You can check it out via the source link below.

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