Wal-Mart, Amazon run out of Wii Zappers

Wii Zapper running low at Wal-Mart and Amazon - Image 1You may want to double-check with your local stores if you’re planning to purchase the Wii Zapper and Link’s Crossbow Training. Word is that some retailers are beginning to report that their stock for the said accessory are running out. More details on this shortage are available in the full article.

Wii Zapper running out at Wal-Mart and Amazon - Image 1 It’s only been a couple of days since its launch, and it’s already running dry. News is coming in that following the Wii Zapper’s introduction to North America last November 19, online stocks from retailer Wal-Mart have already sold out.

We reiterate this is only confirmed for purchases via the Wal-Mart site – there’s still a chance it’s available in their physical outlets.

Other online stores are beginning to report the same shortage as well. A quick visit to Amazon indicates that their own supplies have run short. The site further reports that they’ll update as soon as they receive word of more shipments via retailer Target.

As a recap, Nintendo’s Wii Zapper comes packaged with Link’s Crossbow Training. The accessory is further recommended for use with Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, Medal of Honor: Heroes 2, and House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return.

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