Wal-mart one-day Sony deals: PS3 and PSP with gift cards, Greatest Hits titles, more

Walmart - Image 1Time to whip out your wallets/credit cards, boys and girls. There’s another deal coming to town via Wal-mart, and this one is especially for Sony lovers. From PS3 deals to PSP bundles, they’ve got it all down pat. But hurry cos stocks are limited and its only a one-day affair. Details after the jump!

And right on cue, here we have deals arriving left and right in time for the most expensive time of the year: Christmas. Joining the retail stores holidays promo bandwagon is Wal-mart, and they’re offering us one full day of Sony-related deals.

Wal-mart sale - Image 1  

Make this weekend count as Saturday, November 8 (8AM), will see Wal-mart offer the 80GB PS3 with a US$ 100 gift card. Good thing, too cos there’s also the Greatest Hits titles: Warhawk, Resistance and MotorStorm tagged with a US$ 19.82. Pick up the console, and then pick up your games. They’re practically free given that you’ll be using their gift cards and not your cash, anyway.

Meanwhile, the Ratchet & Clank PSP bundle also comes with a US$ 30 gift card, as well as the PlayStation 2. Also on sale that day are HDTVs, laptops and Walkman MP3 players.

Do take note that some of these items only have limited stocks, so be sure to get there as early as you can to make sure you grab one for your own. You can check out the source link below for more information on the rest of the offered items, as well as the details on the participating Wal-mart branches.

Via Walmart

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