Warcraft 3 patch v1.21b released with no CD feature

Warcraft 3 - Image 1It may be showing its age, but Warcraft 3 is still a solid real-time strategy game with competitive gamers keeping the community alive. Blizzard also hasn’t neglected its fans, and even released a no CD patch as premonition to the big one it’s cooking up. More details at the full article.

Warcraft 3 orc - Image 1Warcraft 3 players who’ve been waiting for the patch Blizzard promised can now download the first in what we expect to be a good series of updates leading to version 1.22. As of now, patch version 1.21b is out – it doesn’t have anything to tweak the game, but brings a very convenient no CD feature.

Since its 2002 release, Warcraft 3 can finally be played without the disc. According to Blizzard community manager Karune, patch version 1.22 is in the works and should be available soon. The next update will address game balance issues pointed out by professional e-Sports players and the community.

Loyal Warcraft 3 players were able to send in their suggestions regarding what should be changed in the game, so patch version 1.22 is going to be big. We’ll keep our tabs on any developments, so watch this space for updates!

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