Warhammer Online: the man who challenged the Dark Lord’s chosen

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning lore - Image 1Followers of Warhammer Online would probably know by now how the great war of the Age of Reckoning started. But within that great epic story lies smaller stories, those where it’s not just about good versus evil anymore, but about people. Individuals who lived – and died – during the war. Read about one such story in the full article.

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning lore - Image 1 

A great war, even the war between Chaos and Order in Warhammer Online is comprised of smaller wars. In those battles we hear of great heroes whose names appear only briefly in WAR‘s lore, but shine nonetheless. Here is one such story.

This story occurs during the time when the great army of Chaos under the banner of the Dark Lord Tzeentch marched towards the Empire. Between their home in the Northern Wastes and the Empire, there stood a village called Gersh.

Gersh was one of the many villages that fell to the Chaos army, and will not be the last. However, one man in Gersh dared to rise up against Tzeentchs’ chosen warrior, knowing that his village was doomed despite his efforts.

This man was Gabris, the Warrior-Priest of the village. He drove the villager’s warriors on to their deaths. He knew they had no chance whether they ran or stayed and fought. But what he knew was that with their deaths they can cut down the number of the Chaos army.

Knowing this, he faced Khrol by himself. Khrol, the chosen one of Tzeentch himself. In the end, Gabris fell, as he well knew would happen. But he had wounded the Chaos Army, and even Khrol himself. Read more on Gabris by following the link below.

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