Warhawk video: APC demonstration

Warhawk video: APC demonstration - Image 1Among the news goodies being readied for Warhawk‘s booster pack, one that’s grabbing much attention is the Armored Personnel Carrier (APC). Fancy seeing the game’s new battle taxi in action? There’s a video of it in action over in the full article.

Remember the booster pack that’s expected to land Warhawk soon? Among the new goodies that Incognito Entertainment enjoyed teasing the players over was the upcoming Armored Personnel Carrier (APC).

And while we’ve heard plenty of details regarding what it’ll pack, admit it, it just isn’t the same when we haven’t even seen a glimpse of this new toy. Which is why we’re happy to let you know of this video we picked up via The Game Reviews site.

It features Warhawk‘s latest set of wheels in action, and demonstrates how players can use the APC’s gun ports and force field to aid them in combat. This was first shown at the recent GDC event.

Enjoy the clip, and drop by again in case we pick up additional news regarding Warhawk‘s Operation Broken Mirror expansion.

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