Wii homebrew: BibleQuiz v0.61

Wii homebrew - Image 1BibleQuiz is back, now in v0.61.You don’t have to be Catholic to enjoy this brew, you can just quiz yourself silly. How much do you know about Biblical Feet? In any case, Wii brewmaster wplaat is still at work and releasing updates like mad.

Download: BibleQuiz v0.61

BibleQuiz v0.61 - Image 1

How much do you know about Biblical Feet? How about wine in the Bible? Take a little break from all that Wii Remote flailing and video game violence and check out this Wii brew. It’s by wplaat, so we know it’s good. And he’s been updating with a vengeance lately, good on you dude!

Same procedures, same content. All that’s different here is that he added Google analytic http request. Download it here and enjoy.

Download: BibleQuiz v0.61

Older versions:

Via T2 Wiibrew

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