Wii Homebrew – FlipEm v0.1

Wiibrew - Image 1Another simple but fun puzzle game lands on the homebrew bag of the Wii. It’s FlipEm v0.1 by Wii brew dev Yossi, and we’ve got the full details on it at the full article.

Download: FlipEm v0.1

Wii homebrew - Image 1FlipEm v0.1 is a “fun little puzzle to work out,” says Wii brew developer Yossi. All you have to do is try to get all the squares on the board to have an X in them. Here’s the mechanics of the game:

When a square is flipped, it gets an X if it was empty, or clears out the X if there was already one there. When you click a square, it and the four around it in a + shape get flipped. Squares off the edge of the board are ignored.

As this is the first release, issues are to be expected. For this one, there’s the problem on random crashes. Unfortunately, Yossi still has yet to figure out what causes it, and so therefore cannot fix it yet. He does encourage you folks, however, to try see for yourself what could be the problem so he can get on the quickfix ASAP. You’ll be given due credit for it.

Download: FlipEm v0.1

Via WiiBrew

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