Wii Homebrew Launcher 0.5 – now with more personalization options

Nintendo Wii - Image 1Hell_hibou is back with the latest version of the Wii Homebrew Launcher. This latest release adds more personalization options by way of adding music and change fonts through themes, and other improvements. The changelog in the full article.

Download: Wii Homebrew Launcher 0.5 

Nintendo Wii - Image 1The Wii Homebrew Launcher by developer hell_hibou is finally updated once again (previous version here), this time beefed up with features and improvements such as the addition of background music and changeable fonts in themes and PNG support, among others. Check out the translated version of Wii Homebrew Launcher v0.5’s changelog (courtesy of our favorite weblator):

  • The graphics engine has been rewritten
  • Support for PNG (no layer alpha)
  • The message “Press A or (1) + (2)” can be translated
  • Initializing the Wiimote is a simultaneous loading data
  • Adding background music (integrated into a theme)
  • Possibility of creating a ‘slideshoot’ for channels
  • Support format fraud (beta)
  • Possibility to change the font via a theme

As always, you can download the homebrew launcher through the download link below. There is a readme file included with the download, but since it’s written in French you may want to run it through a translator first.

Download: Wii Homebrew Launcher v0.5

Via Wii Homebrew Launcher

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