Wii homebrew – Leveltool v0.4

Wii homebrew - Image 1Oh cool! Alanceil updated the Leveltool already! Now at v0.4, Leveltool just got a few more tweaks, including an increase in accuracy, an arc graph, and a few more. The complete changelog is in the full article.

Download: Leveltool v0.4

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Leveltoolv0.4 is real cool. It gets better now that Alanceil has upgraded it to v0.4. If you lost your level tool or you never had one to begin with, this brew will turn your Wiimote into a suitable replacement. Wanna know if your house is tilting over to its side? Give this thing a try.

Anyway, here’s the changelog for v0.4:

  • Chg: Median instead of arithmetic mean is now used to get calibration values, this should increase accuracy.
  • Chg: Message class now handles text drawing
  • Add: Internal info on pressing B in the slider box screen
  • Add: Arc graph showing current tilt

Now with more accuracy and other useful instruments, the Leveltool is turning into a real tool. Or if you’re just plain amused like a seven year old like me, you can find more uses for this thing than simply checking for balance.

Download: Leveltool v0.4

Previous release:

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