Wii homebrew – Pong2 v0.93

Wii homebrew - Image 1Pay tribute to the father of all video games: Pong2 v0.93 is here. Thanks again to wplaat for another great Wii homebrew game. I wrote on his Red Square a few minutes ago, now he’s got another one for us. How’s it hanging dude? Anyway, let’s not put his hard work to waste, details inside.

Download: Pong2 v0.93
Download: Pong2 v0.93 (source)

Pong2 - Image 1

Pay tribute to the father of all video games with Pong2 v0.93. It’s open-open source, with so many improvements from the orginial. The paddle can be moved vertically, and even horizontally. Play while listening to any of the 10 tracks available, and beat your enemy to 10 points for the win.

As far as this version goes, here are its most recent changelogs:

02/12/2008 Version 0.93

  • Added google analystic http request

22/11/2008 Version 0.92

  • Added check if new version is available
  • Solved some minor reported bugs
  • Added GNU GPL2 statement in source code

12/11/2008 Version 0.91

  • Added high Score screen
  • High scores are saved (.xml format) on your SD card.
  • Added better game sound effects

More of the latest from wplaat:

Download: Pong2 v0.93
Download: Pong2 v0.93 (source)

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