Wii Homebrew SNES9X – support for Homebrew Channel, front SD card

Nintendo Wii Homebrew info and download - Emu SNES9X v.3.0 - Image 1A new SNES emulator has been released for the Nintendo Wii. This build from developer LoPsT greatly improves from the previous release. SNES9X v3.0 has support for the Wii Nunchuk, zip files, and even the Homebrew Channel. Ah, progress. More details in the full article.

Download: SNES9X v3.0

Nintendo Wii Homebrew info and download - Emu SNES9X v.3.0Homebrew developer LoPsT, who gave us the Sega Genesis emulator for the Wii, has done it again with a new build for the SNES emulator for the Wii, SNES9X.

SNES9X is now on version 3, and is greatly improved from the previous release. Not only does the new build support the recently released Homebrew Channel, but it also supports the Front SD card slot, the Wii Nunchuk, and much more.

Good things come in pairs as they say. This homebrew comes shortly after the most recent release of the PSP’s own SNES emulator. Be sure to check the documentation included in the download archive for instructions on how to install the program.

Here’s what’s new in SNES9X Wii v3.0:

  • Support for 2 Wiimote (fast connection)
  • Support for classic controller
  • Support Nunchuk
  • Support SD Front (to load roms and savegames)
  • Support savegame direct gcram
  • Support for long file names
  • Support for compressed files in ZIP
  • Support for exit to the menu of Homebrew Channel.
  • Support for consoles with RGB cable PAL60

Download: SNES9X v3.0

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