Wii sales to hit 100 million in 2012

Nintendo Wii - Image 1The year 2007 certainly was the year of Nintendo’s Wii. The little console that could was waxing hot every sales period, leaving rivals wondering how something so “underpowered” could be so commercially successful. Pundits, however, are saying that, with the coming years, it may be a different story. One Japanese financial analyst thinks the critics are wrong. Details in the full article.

Nintendo Wii box - Image 1It doesn’t take an industry analyst to tell you that the Nintendo Wii is today’s hottest console. Every gamer and their mothers know about it, and units are flying off store shelves like few other products today.

The question on everyone’s mind now is clearly this: Can Nintendo keep the momentum up in the years to come? While some are skeptical, Japanese market analyst Yuta Sakurai of Nomura Securities thinks otherwise.

Sakurai is convinced that by the year 2012, Nintendo would have sold 100 million Wii units across the world. Credit that to the market-expanding innovations that Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata and his team implemented.

“Around 80 per cent of Wii consoles are in family living rooms,” says Sakurai. “The company has managed to embed the system in people’s lifestyles.”

The Nomura Securities analyst concludes that the key for Nintendo to preserve its momentum is for them to keep on dishing out innovations that will keep their machine’s novelty factor high. So far, they’ve been able to do that with the introduction of exercise software Wii Fit and its Balance Board accessory. Another peripheral, the Wii Wheel, is set to arrive with this year’s launch of Mario Kart Wii.

Via Telegraph

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